University of Tennessee College of Social Work

Organization Description

The University of Tennessee College of Social Work offers the full range of social work education opportunities: BSSW, MSSW, PhD, and DSW. In addition to on-campus programs, the UTCSW offers a BSSW, MSSW, and DSW program online. 

The UTCSW is committed to the continued work of addressing anti-Black prejudice, white supremacy, and institutional discrimination. As part of this commitment, the college has appointed the first Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion. As the college commits to consistent engagement to ensure best practices, we are proud to support SWHelper’s Anti-Racism Virtual Summit 2020.

To find out more about the college and our efforts surrounding Equity and Inclusion, visit our website at www.csw.utk.edu, and consider joining us for our first Facebook Live event – detailed above.