Who We Are

SWHELPER is a woman owned, award-winning, mission-driven, and progressive news website dedicated to providing information, resources, and entertainment for the social good.

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What We Do

Our goal is to use an interdisciplinary approach to providing news, information, and resources for all helping professions using a system of care approach to sharing knowledge.

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Why Virtual

Virtual transcends your geographical location and expands learning to a global classroom. Also, it allows us to provide the same great content at a more affordable rate.

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Join us on October 26th and 27th

Meet Some of Our Speakers

Keynote: Feminista Jones

Author and Community Activist

Keynote: Daniella Carter

Founder of Daniella's Guestbook

Reecie Colbert

Founder of BlackWomansViews Media

Kenneth Walden

Political Activist/Influencer

Fall Summit Agenda

October 26th (EST)
October 27th (EST)

The Importance of Being Civically Engaged and How it Effects Our Daily Lives

Session Description This session will be a personal testimony of how policy and legislation affect the everyday lives of the people you serve. Many helping professionals are told not to...
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Kenneth Walden

Gun Violence: the Black Community vs. Everyone Else

Session Description This session will be centered around my family’s experience with gun violence as outlined in my current book, Cincinnati Doe: A Mother’s 30-Day Journey in ICU. Specifically, my...
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Donna Haynes
Cameron Dasher

Intersectional Anti-Racist Practice with the Disability Community

Session Description Our session will discuss the use of intersectional, anti-oppressive, and critically culturally competent approaches to anti-racist social work practice with the disability community in the United States context....
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Elspeth Slayter, MSW, PhD
Lamont Simmons, MSW, EdD

Understanding Systematic Racism in Social Work

Session Description This session will specifically focus on systematic racism within the social work profession. It is no secret that racism has altered reality for some of us. Having access...
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Coral Bealer, MSW Candidate

Leveraging My Platform: Using Inspiration & Influence To Improve Health Outcomes

Session Description In this session, we will talk about what the Black Man, M.D. Blog is, why it was created, and how it has influenced its readers thus far. We...
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Christel Wekon-Kemeni, MD

Disinformation is Voter Suppression

Session Description Voter suppression is one of the greatest threats to democracy in the United States. In 2021 alone, 18 states have enacted over 30 laws that restrict voting access....
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Reecie Colbert

Your Story is Your Power

Session Description In this session, Ms. Carter will share her journey through a violent, torturous childhood and turbulent teenage years, never buckling under the weight of the burdens she was...
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Keynote: Daniella Carter

Testimonios: Experiences from Higher Education

Session Description To transform our educational institutions, we must start by centering on the lived experiences of the students. They are the ones most impacted by the curriculum, teaching practices,...
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Ivania Delgado, PsyD, MSW, MS
Lesley Jackson, MSW

Escaping from Oppressive Spaces: Exploring the Healing of the Freedom Closet

Session Description This session will explore the concept of oppressive workspaces as experienced by BIPOC. Although social workers embrace the values and ethics of the profession, oppression in our work...
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Arlene Garcia, MSW, PhD

eLearning to Advance Racial and Ethnic Diversity Friendly University Initiative

Session Description As the U.S. population has grown more racially and ethnically diverse, students across all levels of higher education have been diverse as well according to several studies on...
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Suk-hee Kim, MSW, COI, Ph.D.

Transition back to campus: Challenges and Strategies to keep Higher Education a Priority during the fight against COVID

Session Description Learning Objectives Describe the impact COVID had on student engagement Describe the impact COVID had on student enrollment Describe the High Impact practices used to keep students engaged...
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Vivian Shannon-Ramsey
Phyllis E. Gillians, Ed.D
Makeba Green, MSW, PhD.

Navigating Racially-Based Perspectives through the Lens of Individualism and Collectivism

Session Description Not all personal worldviews are the same as a dominant American worldview, but there is a systematic assumption that they are (I.e. healthcare systems, education systems, social systems,...
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Elizabeth Johnson-Tyson, MSW, LMSW
Jill Manit, MSW, PhD.

Vote Like Black Women: What does this mean and Why its Important

Session Description Black women in the South are the leaders and the economic drivers in their communities.  With their pocketbooks, they have and continue to do more with less. Everyone...
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Cassandra Welchlin

Revolutionary Work: Answering the Call During Unprecedented Times

Session Description With so many perilous events happening simultaneously across the globe, people are facing unprecedented socioeconomic struggles. In the U.S., we have lost over 600,000 people to Covid-19 and the numbers...
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Keynote: Feminista Jones