Frequently Asked Questions – The Spring 2021 Summit Will Not Provide CEUs

View our detailed troubleshooting guide if you need help logging in and getting access!

The Anti-Racism Virtual Summit 2021 will take place in “real time” live via Crowdcast and the Global Social Welfare Digital Summit website. Registered participants will be able to access and attend the summit using a computer, tablet or mobile device with Internet access. You will not need to download anything in order to stream sessions on your device.

The Council for Social Work Education is a co-host of the Summit, and we are honored to have an extraordinary speaking agenda and slate of sponsors supporting this Summit.

Technical Requirements

We use crowdcast for our live streams. Our Livestream works with tablets, mobile, desktop and laptop computers running the latest browsers which includes:

Navigating Crowdcast

You will receive a notification from Crowdcast regarding your summit registration. You must complete your registration for Crowdcast using the email address you registered for the Summit with. Survey information and access will be posted on each session in Crowdcast. You can navigate to sessions using the session’s agenda on this website or within Crowdcast.

White Screen on Crowdcast

If your computer screen is white when trying to access Crowdcast, this most likely means your browser is blocking the website. 

Troubleshooting solution 1: is to go into your settings, enable popups for the Crowdcast website, and then refresh your screen. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, try a different browser or device.

Troubleshooting solution 2: If updating the settings in the browser did not work for you, IT may be blocking Crowdcast access on your employer or school network.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is hosting this Virtual Summit?

Social Work Helper, PBC (SWHelper) which is a digital publishing platform for social work and helping professionals located at www.swhelper.org.

2. Do I have to be a social worker to attend or present at the Virtual Summit?

No, this Summit is open to the public. Students can receive field placement hours for attending. CEUS are not being offered for this event, but expect to offer CEUs again in the future.

3. Where will the Virtual Summit take place?

This is a virtual conference which means it will take place online in “real time,” live through the Internet. As a result, you do not have to travel or get hotel accommodations. You can view the Summit from the comfort of your home if you choose.

4. When Will I get access to the conference website?

Immediately, you will receive instructions and access to your user account on the Summit’s website and Crowdcast once your registration is complete. The email address and registration name will be automatically registered for our Day One, Day Two, and Day Three livestreams.

5. What are the dates and times for the Summit?

The Summit will begin on Tuesday, March 16th, 18th, and 17th from 8:30AM (EST) to 5:30 PM (EST) each day.

6. Will I receive written confirmation of my registration?

Yes. Registrants will receive an email confirmation shortly after purchasing your ticket.

7. What types of sessions are included?

The Summit may include both plenary and concurrent sessions.

8. Can I get CEU Credit or Field Hours for Attending?

There are no CEU credits for this Summit. However, we expect to resume accreditation for our fall Summit.

***Each session livestream will have information for completing a survey. You will receive an email confirmation when your survey for each session is completed. Retain your confirmation for proof of attendance with your field advisors. No certificate will be issued.

9. Is registration required?

Yes. Please see the Registration section above. This is a paid event and only registrants who purchase tickets will have access to the Anti-Racism Virtual Summit.

10. What if I cannot attend all of the live events? Will I be able to view the presentation(s) at another time?

Yes. All sessions will be recorded and available on-demand following the live event. Field Hours can be earned anytime during your access period. Access will end on April 30th.

12. When will I receive login/password information?

After registration, you can go to www.globalsocialwelfaresummit.com/login and put in your registration email to receive a magic link for access.

13. Will handouts be provided?

Session slides, handouts, and any other presentation materials may be posted and available for participants to prior to the live summit. It will be optional for presenters to provide.

14. How far ahead of time should we log in to a session?

All sessions will begin on time. At the beginning of each day, we recommend that you log in at least 10-15 minutes prior to the start time to double check your connection and sound.

15. Can I participate if I live outside of the United States?

You can participate from anywhere that has access to an internet connection.

16. Ticket Refund Policy?

All sales are final, no refunds, and nontransferable. If your ticket is purchased prior to your school or organization sponsoring the event, your ticket will not be refunded. If you purchase a ticket instead of using the free access code by your sponsoring organization or school, your ticket will not be refunded. 

17. What if I lose or can’t find my survey confirmation to prove to my professor or field instructor the hours I attend?

The is a $60 dollar fee if we have to research your hours, attendance, and provide copies of your surveys.

For Technical Support, please contact us using this form: https://globalsocialwelfaresummit.com/contact-us/

For general questions about content, field hour credits, or other information about the Virtual Summit, please contact us also at contact@socialworkhelper.com.