Hope Center for Wellness

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Hope Center for Wellness, LLC is a DC-based multicultural and multilingual behavioral health practice focused on holistic healing. Through compassionate guidance and the use of mental health wellness techniques, we tap into our clients’ inner possibility to harness hope, balance, and the clarity to adapt behaviors and overcome challenges towards desired goals.

Services provided include individual, group and family therapy in person or via TeleMental Health, biopsychosocial mental health evaluations and trainings for organizations, schools and companies on a variety of topics including wellness, self-care, leadership, direct services to Latinos, immigrants and other communities, mindfulness for kids, youth and adults.

Why Hope?

“In my work as a clinical social worker, one common theme in my sessions is the message of Hope. Hope is what brings many of my clients to find help; hope that something will get better; hope that there will be less suffering; hope to overcome challenges; hope to change; hope to live a happier and healthier life. It is this same hope that allows my clients to work towards their therapeutic and overall goals.”  -Cheryl Aguilar, Founder and Lead Therapist