Kenneth Walden

Political Activist/Influencer

Kenneth Walden

Political Activist/Influencer


Kenneth Walden is a political activist who uses his platform to empower people to vote. As a child, Kenneth grew up with three siblings and was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs.

During his early adult years, Kenneth worked a minimum waged job and was no stranger to poverty. After years of suffering from a lack of economic opportunities, Kenneth eventually relocated to North Carolina where his mother had been living since his stepfather’s passing. While in North Carolina he got a job at a factory making $10/hr. During his free time, he decided to jump back into his first love – politics. It wasn’t until 2016 that Kenneth got his first real chance to experience campaigning.

During the democratic primary, Kenneth saw how Hillary Clinton had been hit with an onslaught of misogynistic attacks, along with misinformation against her from the left and the right. So, he decided to get involved by finding the nearest Clinton campaign headquarters and signed up for phone banking. One week after phone banking at the Clinton campaign headquarters, Hurricane Matthew hit his town and Kenneth’s entire town was flooded. Houses were destroyed, lives were lost, and thousands of people were without power. One month later, Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race to Donald Trump. Afterward, Kenneth decided to retire from national politics to focus solely on local elections.

Fast forward a few years, and it is now time for another General Election. Nearly over 20 different Democratic candidates were running for office and only one had caught Kenneth’s attention. That candidate’s name was none other than Kamala Harris. While running for office, Kamala Harris had proposed a bill that would grant universal basic income for those making less than $125,000.00 a year called “The Lift Act.” This bill spoke to Kenneth’s own experience dealing with low income and poverty.

During the Second Democratic primary debate, Kamala Harris was hit with several allegations on her prosecutorial record. Seeing this, Kenneth decided not to stand by and watch as they vilified another intelligent woman. He decided to research the allegations and debunk them one by one. He started with posting threads and attaching links, but to no avail did it break through to people. Kenneth decided another approach should be taken, so he set himself up on camera in his living room and created multiple videos breaking down cases and the accomplishments of Kamala Harris. Not only did Kenneth advocate for Kamala Harris online but he donated to her campaign. Kenneth has also volunteered for her at local events. He attended the Greensboro rally, the Charlotte fundraiser event, and even went to the Morehouse event in Atlanta.

Nowadays, Kenneth continues to promote equity for all people, especially minorities while doing research on the now Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. Kenneth also continues to host his own YouTube and Instagram channels, promoting basic civil rights within minority groups whilst debunking myths and educating his audience on politics.

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