Understanding Systematic Racism in Social Work

26 Oct 2021
12:30 pm

Understanding Systematic Racism in Social Work

Session Description

This session will specifically focus on systematic racism within the social work profession. It is no secret that racism has altered reality for some of us. Having access to basic necessities has been a huge factor when it comes to assessing the health and wellness of black and brown communities. Systematic racism comes in many different forms such as gentrification, subpar medical assistance, food deserts,  education, and many other aspects of life. As social workers, we have internalized white supremacy standards in our practice and personally I feel like the time is now to address those issues that we have subconsciously conditioned ourselves to follow.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the basic effects of systematic racism and how it affects marginalized groups

  • Demonstrate awareness of racist structures, policies, and practices within our spaces

  • Identify strategies to combat racist policies and practices within our systems


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