The Impact of Ethical Supervision

The Impact of Ethical Supervision


Although the NASW Code of Ethics and other human services professions promote ethical standards for supervision, all supervision is not created or delivered equally. Social work supervision is an integral component of a social worker’s professional grounding and development- both as a supervisor and supervisee. In this workshop, we will get clear on the purpose and possibilities of supervision through an examination of professional standards and a 5-component model developed by the instructors over the course of their combined 40+ years in social work.

Learning Objectives

1. Define the three primary functions of supervision in Social Work with a clear demonstration of factors that impact a healthy supervision environment.
2. Describe the 5L components of effective, holistic supervision
3. Demonstrate an understanding of Social Work ethical supervision that incorporates and nurtures self care.
4. Facilitate supervision sessions that make the best use of your skills and time.


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