Balance Is Bulls&^%, but You Can Get Mentally Fit

Balance Is Bulls&^%, but You Can Get Mentally Fit

The concept of a perfect work-life balance is promoted as achievable all the time—the reality is, it doesn’t really exist! But if you’re interested in living more in alignment with what you truly value in life, feeling less stressed, and achieving performance optimization, how you focus your life energy and train your mental mindset absolutely matters. It is possible to train your mind to be resilient and move towards a more balanced way of living. Dr. Kate and Liz Carlile of Motherhood Unstressed will offer practical insights into how to prioritize what matters most in your life, how to be mentally fit, manage stress, and become better professionals, partners, and parents.

Learning Objectives

  • Prioritize what is most important and determine if you are in or out of alignment

  • Explain the physiological response to stress.

  • Discuss common nervous system regulation techniques.

  • List at least 3 mental fitness training techniques that can be ritualized.

  • Create a night and morning routine that maximizes daily performance.