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March 16th (EST)

Welcome Address with Deona Hooper and Darla Coffey on World Social Work Day

Hello Everyone, March 16th is a celebration of World Social Work Day!!! Deona Hooper, SWHELPER, and Darla Coffey, CSWE will be talking about how this virtual summit began and why...
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Darla Spence Coffey, PhD, MSW
Deona Hooper, MSW

Promoting Positive Father Involvement

Session Description This seminar explores the challenge of promoting positive father involvement where there is historic DV and abuse and introduces a controversial form of abuse called ‘Parental Alienation’ (PA)...
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Kevin J Brazant MA, BA, FRSA, FHEA

Making Whiteness Visible: A Black Feminist Perspective

Session Description Societal and institutionalized cultural dominance (Eurocentrism/Whiteness) continues to pervade anti-oppressive social work education efforts, presenting challenges to the application of pedagogical frameworks aimed at attending to diversity for...
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Valerie Borum, PhD

Immigrants, Resettlement, and Healthy Societies

Session Description The session will include an exploration and understanding of who constitutes independent immigrants, the meaning and impact of resettlement, barriers experienced by immigrants from ethnocultural societies upon arrival...
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Priya Kharat, PhD

Applying an Intersectional Framework to Eating Disorders: Unpacking Racial Trauma in the BIPOC Community

Session Description From film to media to treatment center brochures, eating disorders have been framed as a “white women’s” illness. Eating disorders impact people of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexualities...
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Javon Garcia, LSW

Keynote: Disrupting and Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Academia

Description Ongoing police brutality and killings of Black women and men have caused a global outcry, igniting numerous anti-Black racism demonstrations and protests both nationally and internationally. The current social...
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Patrina Duhaney, PhD
March 17th (EST)

Welcome Address – Social Work Month

Mildren Joyner, President of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) North American Region will be talking about Social Work and World...
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Mildred Joyner, MSW, LCSW

Racial Equity: Fear of the Black Man

Session Description The death of so many Black Men in the last couple of years has created what seems to be a large target on the back of Black Men,...
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Gary Taylor, LCSW

Decolonizing Social Work: The Reparative Nature of Ubuntu Philosophy

Session Description Decolonization of social work requires the profession and practitioners to make a real and concerted effort to incorporate the very same communities the profession purports to serve. It...
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Lauren Reliford, MSW Candidate

Internalized Oppression: Conquering the Master Within

Session Description Internalized oppression occurs when people of color internalize stereotypes, prejudices, and negatives beliefs. This phenomenon is the result of macro and institutions that work towards the benefit of...
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Arlene Garcia, MSW, PhD

Racism, Recovery, and Resilience: The Journey of a Social Work PhD Student

Session Description This session will focus on the personal narrative of a former social work doctoral student as she navigated academia in a historically white institution (HWI) as a Black...
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Charity Watkins, PhD, LCSW

Operationalizing Democracy through Blackness: Revisiting the Revolutionary Actions of The National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc.

Session Description The 1968 Position Statement of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) as declared at the National Conference on Social Welfare (NCSW) 95th Annual Forum and Exposition...
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Denise McLane-Davison, PhD

African American Women in Academia: Intersectionality of Race and Gender

Session Description African American Women face a variety of issues in the academy, community and society. The strength of this group often lies in sisterhood as to many the saying...
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Sara Casali
Charnetta Gadling-Cole, PhD
Tiffany Lane

Keynote: When BIPOC Communities are harmed by the systems design to serve and protect them

Session Description This session will speak to the inequities that Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) experience in their local communities at the hands of the police. Systems whose policies...
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Anjanette Young, LCSW
March 18th (EST)

Editorializing ‘Lived Experience’ through Professional Writing

Session Description The session is designed to teach folks how to discuss and unpack their lived experience in a professional writing venue. We will cover a wide range of approaches...
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Max Guttman, LCSW

Trauma Informed Authentic Leadership and the Psychology of Ownership

Session Description This session will analyze the impact of historical trauma on current systemic racism as it pertains to socioeconomic injustice and the psychology of ownership. Looking at Authentic Leadership...
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Aprill Harmon, PhD, MBA, LCSW

Using Group Me to M.O.V.E: Motivate, Organize, Value, and Empower First time Social Work students enrolled in Freshmen Seminar

Session Description Student engagement and support are essential in the development of our students, specifically those attending an HBCU. Historically, HBCU’s have provided a campus environment with a familiar context...
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Vivian Shannon-Ramsey
Phyllis E. Gillians, Ed.D
Makeba Green, MSW, PhD.

Calling “A Thing” A Thing: Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Social Work Education

Session Description The purpose of this session is to interrogate the effects and impact of Anti-Black Racism on students, faculty, and staff in social work education. Oftentimes, Institutions and Organizations...
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Yarneccia Dyson, PhD, MSW

Keynote Speaker: Advancing Anti-Racism in Social Work Education

Session Description Recommendations on how to advance anti-racism in social work education that emerged from a CSWE Task Force will be shared. There will be plenty of time for participants...
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Darla Spence Coffey, PhD, MSW

Keynote Speaker: Good Intentions are Not Enough: Undoing Racism in the Helping Professions

This presentation addresses the ways that racism operates, and inequity is maintained, even in professional settings where persons are committed to the well-being of clients, patients or the community at...
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Tim Wise