Michigan State University School of Social Work

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A Mission of Social Justice and Positive Change: The MSU School of Social Work is dedicated to educating students for ethical, competent, responsive, and innovative social work practice, and to conducting and disseminating high quality research that improves the well-being of the most vulnerable in society. Our teaching, research, and outreach synergistically promote social justice, positive change, and solutions to the problems facing diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

BASW Program

We are dedicated to educating students for ethical, competent, responsive and innovative generalist social work practice. Grounded in the liberal arts and social sciences, the BASW program emphasizes person-in-environment framework within a systems perspective. We teach students about service and social justice as we prepare them for generalist social work practice and public service with diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. With attention to critical thinking, policy and research, we also prepare students for graduate-level study in social work and related fields.

MSW Program

Whether someone has worked in the field for decades or is just completing a bachelor’s degree, the MSW Program at Michigan State University offers a wide variety of formats to educate the social work practitioners of tomorrow.

Throughout the MSW Program, students take courses in research and practice methods, and benefit from intensive field experience. While the first half of the program provides students with a generalist foundation of social work knowledge, the second half prepares students for advanced practice in one of two concentrations:

  • The Clinical Social Work concentration focuses on micro-level interventions appropriate for work with individuals, families, and groups. Learn more 
  • The Organization and Community Leadership concentration focuses on macro-level interventions appropriate for work within communities and organizations. 

PhD Program

The PhD program in Social Work is designed to prepare social workers for leadership positions in the profession as:

  • Social work educators
  • Researchers of social problems and social work intervention methods
  • Planners, administrators, and evaluators of social service programs
  • Policy makers and analysts

It emphasizes the development, analysis, and application of social work knowledge related to professional practice and research in selected settings and to social work education at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the Social Work profession and the field of social welfare.