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CSUN’s online Master of Social Work program prepares participants to work with a variety of client systems and is grounded in a framework to promote the wellbeing of urban communities. The program trains professionals to practice ethically and competently, and to integrate knowledge, process and values into professional social work practice.

Accredited by CSWE, the MSW program:

  • Prepares graduates to work successfully within a variety of environments, cultures and organizational systems
  • Emphasizes critical and creative thinking that enables graduates to initiate, evaluate and adapt interventions appropriate to the relevant contexts – local, regional, national or global 
  • Creates a context for professional, ethical and effective practice by incorporating content on the profession’s history, philosophy and values

Designed in collaboration with the Department of Social Work in CSUN’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the program is offered fully online in two- and three-year formats. The two-year option is a full-time program with an intensive curriculum designed to help students complete their degrees and enter the field in as little time as possible. The three-year option, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for those who would prefer the same great curriculum at a less intensive pace.

CSUN’s MSW program features a substantial field education component. A keystone of graduate social work, field education enables students to practice the program’s concepts and methods in a variety of situations. It is where theory, practice, policy and research move from the abstract to the applied. Instead of lessons in a textbook, participants learn through the lived experiences of real people and communities. This augments what is learned in class, providing the robust foundation necessary for success in advanced social work practice. 

Program Features for Midcareer Professionals

Understanding that midcareer professionals have special needs, our staff and faculty are committed to providing participants with the highest level of support. What participants can expect:

  • Exceptional support services – Chief among these is the personal assistance of a program coordinator whose expertise with program-related administrative matters frees students to focus on their studies and careers.
  • Clinical placements – CSUN makes every attempt to place students within an hour commute of home. 
  • A community of peers – Students enter and progress through the program as a group or cohort. The cohort format not only ensures on-time completion and maximizes interaction with faculty, but also encourages the development of valuable professional relationships with classmates who share similar career interests and goals.
  • Guaranteed enrollment – CSUN automatically enrolls participants in all courses, providing them with the peace of mind to continue their studies uninterrupted.
  • Federal financial aid – Many of our students access financial aid to help pay for their education. A team of financial-aid specialists dedicated exclusively to our professional students is available to help process applications and distribute funding for those who qualify.