Wayne Reid

Diversity Officer at British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

Wayne Reid

Diversity Officer at British Association of Social Workers (BASW)


Wayne Reid is a Professional Officer & Social Worker for BASW England and lives in Sheffield.  Wayne qualified as a Social Worker in 2010, but the entirety of his social care experience spans nearly 20 years.  He has worked in: private fostering; the Probation Service; youth offending; adult mental health; child protection and with care leavers.  

Wayne’s career reflects his dedication to supporting vulnerable members of society, working with diverse professionals from across all sectors to improve service standards and meet holistic needs.  Wayne’s wide-ranging career has enabled him to understand the dynamic contextual factors that affect the strategic planning, implementation and review of effective Social Work services and the direct impact this has on service-users, practitioners and the public.  Wayne has knowledge, experience and skills in: supporting/supervising service-users and staff; working with professionals and stakeholders from various professional backgrounds; building/maintaining collaborative strategic networks; evaluating complex outcomes and implementing new innovations.  

As a black male Social Worker, Wayne understands some of the challenges that service-users and practitioners from different minority groups can face.  From his experience, Wayne believes academic and ‘life education’ are essential to improve an individual’s quality of life and life chances.  Wayne adds: “Social Work is a vital multi-faceted international service that: coordinates support for the most vulnerable people in society; assesses and manages risk; addresses problematic behaviours and relationships; champions equality and social justice; optimises service-users’ strengths, promotes human decency and creates meaningful opportunities for social mobility”.

Wayne’s presentation will focus on the trajectory of his career, key learning points and his vision for the Black & Ethnic Minority Professionals (BPS) Symposium.

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