Ross Beckley

Co-Founder of Behind the Scenes

Ross Beckley

Co-Founder of Behind the Scenes


Ross Beckley is a past serving decorated veteran firefighter diagnosed with PTSD. His frank discussions from a lived experience perspective initiated Behind The Seen, resulting in the design and implementation of a unique “plain speak” mental health awareness program for first responders and their families. 

Behind The Seen has been representing Australian frontline first responders and their families in the mental health/suicide prevention area for the past 6 years. During the course of this time we have:

  • Presented mental health awareness programs to more than 1000 current serving first responders and their families at station level in several States across Australia

  • Collaborated with Black Dog Institute to analyse and report on feedback from Behind The Seen face to face program, (report Dec 2016 Addressing the burden of suicide and poor mental health among Australian emergency service workers: Evaluation of The Behind The Seen initiative Simon Rosenbaum, Andrea Fogarty, David Berle, Veronique Moseley, Ross T Beckley, Philip B Ward, Katherine Boydell, Julia Lappin, Zachary Steel) which led to:

  • Partnership with Black dog Institute and WA Department Fire & Emergency Services to conduct pilot research on the efficacy of the Behind The Seen program including focus groups. (qualitative results report due “any day”) 

  • Developed a draft program in partnership with University of Newcastle School of Social Work to support those who wish to creatively share their lived experience of mental health issues/suicide prevention.

  • Developed a training package on first responder mental health for helping professionals in collaboration with the University of Newcastle

  • Collaborated extensively with key stakeholders in this area including employing organisations, national suicide prevention and mental health organisations and universities. 

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