Patricia Mura Desert, MSW

CEO of Savesouls Ministry


Patricia Mura Desert is the co-founder and CEO of Savesouls Ministry, a mental health organization providing holistic support and education to Afro-Caribbean survivors of sexual trauma in Massachusetts. She is a macro social worker providing virtual technology support to instructional teams at Columbia University School of Social Work. She is a writer, author, sexual trauma survivor, biblical counselor, and mental health advocate. She has also contributed to two academic articles on screening for partner violence in the emergency room (Journal of Emergency Medicine) and addressing gender-based violence with the Caribbean population (American Psychology Association). 

Prior to launching this ministry, she had worked in the field of human services for 10+ years. Her experience ranges from Program Supervisor at a mental health housing program serving clients diagnosed with Severe Persistent Mental Illnesses in Nassau county NY, Staff Development leader spearheading Human Resources training, and Crisis Counselor for a mental health hotline among others. She holds a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University, where she completed her concentration in Social Enterprise Administration, and received a certificate in Human Services Management from the “Network of Social Work Managers”. She completed two intensive institutes trainings at Columbia for “Technical Skills for Online Event Production” and “Pedagogy and Technology for Online Courses”. She received her Bachelor in Psychology from Stony Brook University with a concentration in Sociology.  

Outside of her professional occupations, Patricia spends her personal time homeschooling her daughter, blogging, bible journaling and positively impacting others on social media. 


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