Hans Versteegh

Welzijn 3.0

Hans Versteegh

Welzijn 3.0


I inspire and stimulate Social workers to see and act on the opportunities given to them by social media/social technology and digital skills. Experience in digital transition, social domain, social media and online profiling trainer and consultant with roots in social work. Digital skills coach, blogger, speaker, networker, author. Interim community development in social teams.

As a social worker, I discovered the value social technology can have and nine years ago I made inspiring and educating social workers on this topic my daily work. Mainly focused on The Netherlands where internet accessibility is 98% of the Dutch inhabitants.

What’s in it for you?

* Digital build lasting relationships with your participants/clients.

* The good image of your service inhabitants also continue online.

* Get councilors involved in your daily work.

* Increase Your recognition in the society.

* Direct lines with local policy officials.

* Find and bind partners in the district.

* Promote word of mouth, but then through social media.

* Save time by 1 super fun post instead of 100 leaflets in the bus.


Connect, networking, enthuse, see opportunities, give attention, transfer knowledge, spruce, Excite, out of the box, passion for people, organizations and social technology.

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