Speaker Training

Step 1. Computer Setup

This step needs to be completed before you attend tech training on the day. All presenters and co-presenters need to complete this step in order for your live stream to work. The following items are needed to complete your computer setup:

  1. Download the Google Chrome Web Browser: https://www.google.com/chrome/

  2. Install the Crowdcast Screensharing Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/crowdcast-screensharing/kgmadhplahebfoiijgloflhakfjlkbpb?hl=en-US

  3. Complete Setup Video and Audio test: https://www.crowdcast.io/setup

  4. Have a 2nd Device on hand ie computer, phone, tablet. Please, do not sign into your second device with your speaker email account. You will need to sign in with a secondary email.

  5. Mac Users: Macs may require an additional permission in your settings. Here are the directions: https://docs.crowdcast.io/en/articles/1002-can-i-share-my-screen in the last paragraph it tells you the setting to check in Mac to ensure you can share your screen.

Important Notes

Close all programs running in the background because it will degrade your audio and video. Livestreams use a lot of bandwidth.

Make sure you are hard wired into a LAN or ethernet line. Wifi is completely unreliable, and it may cause your live stream to drop. The only way to prevent this is to be plugged in directly to the internet.

Only have open the tabs you will be working with. For Co-Presenters, decide on who will be operating the slides.

Step 2. Join the Training You Plan to Attend

1. Enter Access Password is SPEAKER

2. Enter the Email Address Attached to Your Speaker Account

Tech Training Day Options

Note: You do not need to stay for the entire training. You can leave after you have completed your camera setup and test. Panel and Co-Presenters need to complete your test together.

TECH TRAINING ONE 2-9-20 at 2 PM EST Playback available for viewing

TECH TRAINING TWO 2-10-30 at 12 to 2PM EST Playback Available

TECH TRAINING THREE 2-11-20 at 12 to 2PM EST Playback Available


Additional Trainings

TECH TRAINING Five 2-15-20 at 2PM EST – 3PM EST

TECH TRAINING Six 2-17-20 at 9:30 AM EST – 11:30 AM EST