The Importance of Being Civically Engaged and How it Effects Our Daily Lives

26 Oct 2021
9:00 am

The Importance of Being Civically Engaged and How it Effects Our Daily Lives

Session Description

This session will be a personal testimony of how policy and legislation affect the everyday lives of the people you serve. Many helping professionals are told not to engage civically…why I don’t know. But, how can you help me as an individual or my family if you don’t care about the policies and legislation that affect me?

Kenneth Walden is a political activist who uses his platform to empower people to vote. As a child, Kenneth grew up with three siblings and was raised by a single mother who worked three jobs. Even though he didn’t come from money, his mother made sure that Kenneth had equal advancement in educational opportunities. Kenneth attended early childhood daycare, the “Boys and Girls Club”, and was enrolled in many after-school programs. It wasn’t until the age of five that Kenneth received a father figure in the form of his mom’s new boyfriend, Terrence. 

During his junior year of high school, Kenneth became a victim of racial profiling. On his way home from a friend’s house, Kenneth was stopped, searched, and handcuffed by Wylie law enforcement. The officers that detained Kenneth accused him of burglary. They illegally confiscated his cell phone and went through his phone records without his consent. If it wasn’t for a nearby neighbor who explained to the officers that they had the wrong person, Kenneth would’ve been wrongfully arrested. After that experience, Kenneth grew to distrust law enforcement. Fast forward to Kenneth’s senior year, nearly a few months before his graduation, he loses his stepfather to gun violence.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how politics can affect you? (Why does it matter)

  • Identify Social Media Voter Suppression Tactics. (Identity politics, misinformation)

  • Understand how to get involved? ( empowered not Powerless)

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