Testimonios: Experiences from Higher Education

Testimonios: Experiences from Higher Education

Session Description

To transform our educational institutions, we must start by centering on the lived experiences of the students. They are the ones most impacted by the curriculum, teaching practices, and program policies. Join us and be a witness to our testimonios. We will engage in a conversation about our own survival of the ahistorical and apolitical education and training, experiences in the classroom that upheld ideologies that promoted universality and race neutrality, and experiences that led to feeling unseen and devalued.

We will share our thoughts and feelings on how the lack of anti-oppressive and intersectionality frameworks in the development of curriculum, teaching practices, clinical supervision, and mentorship relationships impacted our experience in academia. Join us in this call to action as we must dismantle and disrupt the eurocentric power imbalances in our classrooms. We believe education is political and historical and that all schools could be a place for consciousness-raising and transformation.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the limitations and consequences of the banking system model of education in the helping professions as experienced by the speakers (Freire, 1994)

  • Engage in a discussion using testimonios that will focus on the importance of embedding criticality, social justice, cultural humility, and historical knowledge that connects to the specific identities of the students and their communities

  • Engaging in a discussion that advocates for changes in the curriculum, teaching practices, and policies that oppress students

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