Social Work Advocacy: Our Responsibility to Broader Society

Social Work Advocacy: Our Responsibility to Broader Society


In the social work profession, we are in some ways taught to view micro and macro social work as two different disciplines. We are advised to keep politics out of the workplace, and there is an unspoken acceptance that section 6 of the NASW Code of Ethics, Ethical Responsibility to Broader Society, is optional. This workshop will challenge those ideas.

Cause Advocacy is the very roots of the social work profession, yet it has been pushed to the side as pressure to adopt the medical model in order to solidify the credibility of the profession has made clinical practice the norm. We are encouraged to stay in our respective silos within the profession, when the very fabric of modern social work practice, Ecological Systems Theory, the person in environment focus, requires that we have knowledge of systems and how they impact the individual.

We have the responsibility to expand our knowledge of social systems and narratives and to engage in those systems and narratives to ensure that we are moving toward equity of access and opportunity for all.

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop knowledge of the intersection of systems and why social work advocacy is important

  2. Identify ethical obligations to engage in advocacy and improve macro knowledge

  3. Identify ways to implement advocacy into social work practice

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