Redefining Service: Creating Sustainability in Turbulent Modern Times (Canada)

Redefining Service: Creating Sustainability in Turbulent Modern Times (Canada)

Session Description

There are many myths surrounding our understanding of what it means to be of service. These myths have contributed to many of the challenges we experience as Service Providers ~ burnout, dysfunctional workplaces, emotional overwhelm, feeling disillusioned ~ and the sense of powerlessness that often accompanies a desire for systems transformation. The good news is that as Service Providers we are equipped with strengths, energy, and power to create lasting and sustainable change. No system exists without each individual. Building on our capacity, this presentation will offer food for thought and practical strategies to set the stage for transformation. Leave the summit riding the wave of enthusiasm created by this amazing learning experience!

Learning Objectives

1. Translate key learning moments from the summit into inspired action.
2. Identify personal strengths and meaningful contributions to inform next steps.
3. Bust myths around service and replace with transformed perspectives.
4. Identify practical daily micro-strategies that can be taken to enact a new definition of service and foster systems transformation.


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