Racial Equity: Fear of the Black Man

17 Mar 2021
9:00 am

Racial Equity: Fear of the Black Man

Session Description

The death of so many Black Men in the last couple of years has created what seems to be a large target on the back of Black Men, young and old alike. Black Men overcome tremendous amounts of barriers in their life just to be congratulated on surviving the world. Incarceration, War on Drugs or Police killings lead way to the destruction of Black Men across the nation all rooted in racist rhetoric packaged in bias, discrimination, stigma, and profiling. These concepts lead way to difficulty in Black Men succeeding in a world today that does not particularly care for them. This session aims to apply a racial equity lens to unpack the fear of Black Men by examining the intersectionality of race and mental health.

Learning Objectives

  1. To examine the Intersectionality of Race and Mental Health pertaining to Black Men

  2. To eliminate and reduce bias around stereotypes and stigma around Black Men To abolish racist ideologies

  3. Diversify equitable infrastructures for Black Men to thrive

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