Promoting Positive Father Involvement

Promoting Positive Father Involvement

Session Description

This seminar explores the challenge of promoting positive father involvement where there is historic DV and abuse and introduces a controversial form of abuse called Parental Alienation’ (PA) which is an extreme form of parental gate keeping. This session intends to also consider issues of historic domestic violence and maltreating fathers as part of family relationships. This provides a space for exploration and introspection when considering engaging BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Colour) communities as part of our practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of best practice regarding father engagement, couple conflict and violence prevention work with fathers.

  2. Demonstrate critical analysis regarding the engagement and promotion of positive father involvement practice with fathers identified as BIPOC as part of Social Work practice.

  3. Demonstrate and measure their practice efficacy in relation to national/ local standards in engaging fathers and men as part of practice.

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