Internalized Oppression: Conquering the Master Within

17 Mar 2021
11:20 am

Internalized Oppression: Conquering the Master Within

Session Description

Internalized oppression occurs when people of color internalize stereotypes, prejudices, and negatives beliefs. This phenomenon is the result of macro and institutions that work towards the benefit of the dominant groups in society. It’s imperative for social service professionals working with diverse and oppressed populations to understand this concept as it relates to social justice and liberation. Special attention will be given to the manifestations of internalized oppression as experienced by people of color in the United States.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will learn about the concept of internalized oppression.

2. Participants will understand the impact of internalized oppression on people of color.

3. Participants will understand the ways in which internalized oppression manifests in the daily lives of people of color.

4. Participants will reflect on and share their experiences with internalized oppression.

5. Participants will explore how privilege serves as a barrier to awareness of internalized oppression.

6. Participants will identify ways to increase awareness

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