In-Utero Trauma: Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol & Drugs

21 Mar 2019
10:05 am

In-Utero Trauma: Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol & Drugs

Many children coming into care were prenatally exposed to drugs and/or alcohol, and with the current opioid epidemic, the numbers are increasing. We will explore risk factors, look at the connection between brain impairment and behaviors, including the impact of trauma & discuss reframing and other strategies for professionals and parents to better support children who were prenatally exposed to substances.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore risk factors when illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are used during pregnancy;

  • Make connections between brain impairment and behaviors;

  • Explore diagnoses related to prenatal exposure;

  • Identify “red flags” for children who are struggling;

  • Consider co-morbid conditions, including the impact of trauma;

  • Discuss reframing and other strategies