eLearning to Advance Racial and Ethnic Diversity Friendly University Initiative

27 Oct 2021
11:20 am

eLearning to Advance Racial and Ethnic Diversity Friendly University Initiative

Session Description

As the U.S. population has grown more racially and ethnically diverse, students across all levels of higher education have been diverse as well according to several studies on the educational benefits of diversity. Their work suggests many positive outcomes associated with diverse student populations and curricular and co-curricular activities addressing the topics of race and ethnicity. Much of the existing literature on college students and cultural diversity addresses efforts to better understand racial and ethnic diversity and how to change attitudes toward it. This innovative presentation will focus on the development of cultural initiatives on predominately white campuses as a growing phenomenon.

Many college students of color often expressed the need for a safe space and place where we can go and connect on our university campus. Throughout the college community, racial and ethnic culture-specific, multicultural, or intercultural initiatives can be found on many college and university campuses. However, it is important for each racially and ethnically diverse community on campus to have a space that they recognize, to build community, to feel at home through curricular or curricular activities and university engagement in order for students, faculty, and staff to feel that they are welcome, and celebrate and appreciate our students, faculty, and staff racial and ethnic diversity presence on college campuses.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify current gaps in preexisting curricular or curricular activities and racial & ethnic diversity issues and needs on university campus

  • Describe current strengths and weaknesses regarding racial and ethnic diversity on a university campus to determine the effectiveness of the comprehensive educational racial and ethnic diversity intervention on campus, including online education

  • State three important valuable strategies that can allow eLearning to advance racial and ethnic diversity-friendly university initiatives to better serve all students, faculty, and staff

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