Keynote: Disrupting and Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Academia

16 Mar 2021
1:15 pm

Keynote: Disrupting and Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Academia


Ongoing police brutality and killings of Black women and men have caused a global outcry, igniting numerous anti-Black racism demonstrations and protests both nationally and internationally. The current social and political climate has also saturated academia contributing to a resurgence of conversations related to systemic anti-Black racism and white supremacy. With increased pressures and calls to action from students, staff, educators, and community activists, an unprecedented shift has occurred where Canadian and U.S. universities are creating a number of platforms to stimulate dialogue and develop strategies to address anti-Black racism.

Despite this initial work, anti-Black racism remains rampant across university campuses. Much work is needed to challenge, and disrupt all forms of racial injustices. In this discussion, I present preliminary findings from my current campus-wide study examining experiences of anti-Black racism. I discuss some of the strategies I have utilized to disrupt systemic racism against Black people. I conclude by challenging social work students, practitioners, educators, and administrators to examine their role in denouncing and eradicating anti-Black racism.

Learning Objectives

1. Provide preliminary findings of a campus wide study on anti-Black racism

2. Identify institutional barriers and challenges that impact anti-Black racism initiatives

3. Discuss actions and strategies utilized to disrupt and dismantle anti-Black racism

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