Demystifying “Defund the Police”

17 Sep 2020
2:00 pm

Demystifying “Defund the Police”


In this critical moment when protestors are confronting the actions and tactics of law enforcement, many find themselves facing challenging questions. What does defund the police mean? What could a world with alternative community safety strategies look like? Are there examples of successful movements to defund the police? This session will explore the various concepts related to defunding the police. It will take participants on a historical examination of abolitionist strategies in criminal justice and encourage them to reimagine community safety. Current campaigns and mutual aid strategies will be included in the analysis of what can work to promote harm reduction and community safety.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the historical context of abolitionist strategies in criminal justice

  • State the difference between refund v. abolition strategies

  • List three examples of alternatives to policing

  • Discuss the barriers to effective reform