Creating Trauma Informed Global Environments

Creating Trauma Informed Global Environments

Trauma-Informed Interview Coaching is a novel and experimental approach to assist students to find success in the field placement process. Research demonstrates a significant increase in criminal behavior and arrest associated with Adverse Childhood Experiences. It is not a surprise that schools of social work educate a multitude of students with trauma, and those who have overcome obstacles and barriers.

One of these challenges may include a criminal record. Not responding to our students’ unique needs around trauma and criminal backgrounds can perpetuate the inequality students have faced during their lifetimes and perpetuates social injustice. Coaching students using SAMHSA’s six guiding trauma-informed principles as applied through an intersectional, anti-oppressive lens, field faculty have an opportunity to re-frame students’ lived experiences as a strength. This serves not only to decrease the number of failed interviews and replacements but engages students and faculty alike in anti-oppressive practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will analyze how traumatic events impact students

  • Participants will examine the neurobiology of stress and trauma and their impact on learning

  • Participants will create strategies on how to implement SAMHSA’s six guiding principles of trauma-informed care to implement a Trauma Informed Learning Environment