Compassion Based Practitioner Self-Care (Australia)

Compassion Based Practitioner Self-Care (Australia)


Awareness about the importance of Workplace wellbeing is growing globally but in a time when frontline practitioners are facing growing pressure with increasingly complex societal needs and ever more resource limitation, Practitioner Self-Care can be just one more thing on an unachievable to-do list. The emergence of Compassion-Based Interventions has given scope to rethink Self-Care and reframe it within the context of a Compassion Based Intervention. Compassion-Based Self-Care begins with the premise that the practitioner is equally worthy and deserving of care and utilizes compassion based methods to ensure daily integration of practices that can rejuvenate, nurture and promote wellbeing whilst also mitigate stress and overwhelm.

Helen Gray uses a Model of Compassion Based Self-Care to take practitioners through a reflective and informative process by which they can develop both greater insight into and establish techniques to implement for their own Compassion Based Self-Care practice. This presentation lays the foundations for sustainable practitioner self-care practices that are aligned with worker values and ensures the practitioner is central and their needs are supported and met whilst they continue to practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be able to understand the concepts of Compassion Based Interventions and how these have been applied within the Model of Compassion Based Self-care;

  2. Participants will be able to elevate Self-care and hold it on a par with other Professional responsibilities;

  3. Participants will be able to begin the development of their own Compassion Based Self-care plan and be empowered to further develop and implement it within their professional settings to aid sustainable practices.

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