Clinical Considerations for Non-Consensual Image Sharing

Clinical Considerations for Non-Consensual Image Sharing

This session will address the growing concern of non-consensual image sharing (NCIS), also known as non-consensual pornography, and the mental health implications for victims of NCIS. The phenomenon occurs when sexually explicit, nude or semi-nude photos are distributed without the consent of the individual pictured. NCIS is a form of cyberbullying and the research thus far suggests that victims of non-consensual image sharing suffer significant psychological distress. The presentation will explore the similarities between the experience of sexual assault survivors and that of NCIS victims. The session will explore why NCIS is also a form of sexual violence and propose clinical considerations in its treatment.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the psychological impact of Nonconsensual Image Sharing (NCIS)

  • Describe the similarities between sexual trauma and NCIS

  • Identify 3 treatment considerations in addressing NCIS