How To Navigate Conference Agenda

CEUs are not available for watching recorded sessions on demand. You can view the full conference agenda using this link: View Agenda

***However, our goal is to continue offering CE and CPDs for more countries every year. For the continuing education boards in the United States, it requires learners to watch sessions live. However, we will offer CE and CPDS based on the requirements of each board.


Use the Agenda on the top menu to find and view sessions. Here is the link to the full agenda. Scroll to the date and time, click on the title of the session you want to see and click view.

After you click view, and it will take you the last session because all live streams have ended. To view the playback of the recorded live streamed session you chose, go to the session’s menu at the top of the video screen and choose the correct video playback of the session you want to view. Here is a video below to help you navigate.