Global Social Welfare Digital Summit 2020 Agenda

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Each Session is 1.0 Hour and Start Times Begin in the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)

February 25th (EST)

The Impact of Ethical Supervision

Description Although the NASW Code of Ethics and other human services professions promote ethical standards for supervision, all supervision is not created or delivered equally. Social work supervision is an...
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Dawn Shedrick
Sharea Farmer

Get Back In The Driver’s Seat: A Powerful Counselling Strategy Adapted from Transactional Analysis (University of Lethbridge – Canada)

Description Learn about a practical, easy-to-understand, powerful therapeutic counselling intervention that focuses on using a metaphor of a car (drawn from transactional analysis theory). This culturally adaptable tool can be...
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Dr. Dawn McBride

A Comparative Analysis of Findings related to Burnout and Occupational Stress in Social Workers in Cyprus (Frederick University – Cyprus)

Description This session will focus on comparing findings in regards to the main factors leading to occupational stress and burnout in social workers employed in social welfare services (state services)...
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Dr. Christodoulou Panayiota
Dr. Ioanna Katsounari
Dr. Stavros Parlalis


Description Strong case management requires a balance of clearly seeing fine details and the big picture. Data will strengthen communication and decision making at both levels. By rooting a program...
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Drew Reynolds, PhD, MSW, MEd
Bradley Firchow


Description Emotional health concerns have a significant impact on work performance. Each day, most employees walk into work distracted by a personal issue. Many of these distractions can be classified...
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Jesse Stukenberg, BSN

Using Climate Change Communications Research to Engage the Montgomery County Community in Action

Session Description This session describes the innovative work undertaken by a climate change action workgroup in Montgomery County, Maryland, in which communications research was used to shape a series of...
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Marci McCoy-Roth

Keynote: Climate Change, Health & Mental Health

Description This session looks at the ways that climate change is already impacting health and mental health and how the social worker community can help to address these increasing needs, especially...
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Helga Luest, M.A
February 26th (EST)

Learnings from Longitudinal Research for Advocacy (Cambodia)

Description I will present learnings from the case study of the Chab Dai Butterfly Longitudinal Research Project which is currently in its 10th year. The research has involved listening to...
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Glenn Miles

Appoint School Social worker in Schools : An Advocacy Effort (India)

Session Description National Association of Professional Social Workers in India (NAPSWI) and its mission. Established in 2005, it is the largest association of Professional Social Workers in India. The organisation...
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Dr Sanjai Bhatt

How to Survive the Caregiving Journey with Grace and Empowerment

Description This presentation will explain and explore the tools needed to create a healthy, supportive environment for caregivers. Key points will include tactics for becoming open and aware of emotional...
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Susanne White

Social Work Advocacy: Our Responsibility to Broader Society

Description In the social work profession, we are in some ways taught to view micro and macro social work as two different disciplines. We are advised to keep politics out...
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Ashley Heidebrecht

Remembering Our Roots to Guide our Future: Creating Social Change in a Divided Nation (Brandman University)

Description Social Workers are uniquely equipped to help our brothers and sisters awaken to the humanity of others. Through reflecting on our profession’s past, we may discover parallels that can...
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Dr. Satara Armstrong-Charlson

Informing Civic Literacy to Spur Action (Salisbury University and L.E.A.D)

The pursuit of social justice has long distinguished the profession of social work from other helping professions. From its foundation in the Settlement House Movement, social work has sought the...
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Allison Berkowitz
Dr. Mary E. Hylton

Broken Behind and Beyond the Bars to Advocacy and Activism: The Narrative of Two Formerly Incarcerated Women

Description Oftentimes, researchers conduct studies with the formerly incarcerated people without speaking with them prior to the research. The voice of those directly impacted is essential when working with those...
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Dr. Zaria Davis
Charlotte Garnes, MA

Keynote: Voter Engagement: Mobilizing the Political Power of Marginalized Groups (Marist, Salisbury, and Sacred Heart University)

Description Recent political events have led to a resurgence of political awareness and engagement of the public in organized political protests. The profession of social work can seize this political...
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Dr. Adelaide Sandler
Dr. Jason Ostrander, MSW
Dr. Mary E. Hylton
February 27th (EST)

Canceled – Challenges Experienced by Older Persons in Relation to Self- Care in the Absence of Designated Care Givers at their Domicilium (University of South Africa)

Description Aging presents a physical decline in the ability to manage self-care amongst older persons. In the traditional African society the burden of care with older persons rests in the...
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Angel Raphalalani

Transgender-Affirmative Care: An Introduction

Session Description In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a spectrum of gender identities and expressions. The workshop is designed to prepare individuals for positive interactions with transgender clients...
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Laura Hoge, LCSW, LCADC

Developing cultural competence and cultural humility strategies to address the needs of Afro-Caribbean survivors of sexual trauma.

Description Studies and focus groups with Afro-Caribbean population reveal a high prevalence of sexual violence victimizations left untreated due to customary avoidance of mental health services out of community shame,...
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Patricia Mura Desert, MSW

Assessing and Treating Symptoms with Non-Pharmacological Treatments in the Older Adult with Dementia at End-of-Life

Description With the growing elderly population, dementia is increasing and more families are reaching out to hospice for end-of-life support. Dementia affects 50 million individuals with a growth of 10...
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Bridgette Werner, ACSW

Healing Through Housing – Trauma Informed Transitional Housing for Youth Survivors of Sex Trafficking (Orangewood Foundation)

Description In 2016 Orangewood Foundation launched The Lighthouse, a two year transitional housing program for youth survivors of sex trafficking, aged 18-22 years in Orange County, California.   This presentation provides...
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Ashley Coia
Mia Brown
Polly Willams

When Helping Hurts: Understanding the Impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue

Description Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), also referred to as Compassion Fatigue is defined as the indirect exposure to difficult, disturbing and/or traumatic images and stories of the suffering of others....
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Sharise Nance, LCSW

Climate Change & Ecoanxiety: Strategies to Engage Helping Professionals (University of Southern California)

DESCRIPTION  While acceptance and recognition of the current climate crisis continue to grow, meaningful behavioral changes at the practitioner level remain mostly absent from daily practice. Ecoanxiety may be thecause....
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February 28th (EST)

Canceled – Advanced Change Management (ACT)- the key to ethical practice in the changing world of organisations (United Kingdom)

Description A session on Advanced Change management in social work practice and freeing oneself from fear and the system of external sanctions in order to do what is right rather...
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Abi Ajoni, MA

How Biofeedback Video Games are Helping Children and Adolescents Build Automaticity for Managing and Controlling Emotions (Mightier)

Description Have you sat with a child and adolescent in your therapy office who can recite every coping skill that you have practiced with them, but soon after they leave...
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Emily Stone, LICSW

Developing community capacity for palliative care in rural communities (Humboldt State University)

Description Medicine has advanced to offer extraordinary improvements in the length of our survival. Yet, the quality of our dying has never been worse, especially in rural communities. Social determinants...
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Dr. Jamie Jensen, MSW

Meaning-Centered Leadership: Why Meaning Matters in Your Organization (Brandman University)

Description Do you want to know how to engage your employees, leading them to be happier and more productive contributors to your organization? Then this is the LEADERSHIP session for...
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Dr. Ed Jackson
Dr. Barbara Bartels

Self-Care: The Ethical Imperative for Helping Professionals (Austin Peay State University)

Description For many helping professionals, the concept of work-life balance is elusive. The spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial and time commitment required to manage one’s professional and personal obligations can...
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Dr. Shani Collins Woods

Compassion Based Practitioner Self-Care (Australia)

Description Awareness about the importance of Workplace wellbeing is growing globally but in a time when frontline practitioners are facing growing pressure with increasingly complex societal needs and ever more...
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Helen Gray, MSW

Redefining Service: Creating Sustainability in Turbulent Modern Times (Canada)

Session Description There are many myths surrounding our understanding of what it means to be of service. These myths have contributed to many of the challenges we experience as Service...
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Elizabeth Bishop

Obtaining Mental Wealth and Well-Being in the African-American Community

Description This session will explore common mental health diagnoses in the African-American community. Explore stigma surrounding mental health, faith vs. healthcare, distrust of healthcare practitioners. Barriers to accessing mental health...
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Tatyana Smith

Healthy Social Work: What’s Possible? (United Kingdom)

Description As Social Workers, we are so busy taking care of others that we can often forget to take care of ourselves diligently. In this session, Nicole is going to share her...
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Nicole Louis


Description Our police, paramedics, firefighters and rescue personnel help keep our communities safe. The public perception of this population group is that they are strong and suitably trained to deal...
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Ross Beckley
Veronique Moseley

Social work and “Mindfulness”: an experience within an Italian social service

Description We would like to describe the methodology and the results of a short mindfulness course within Italian social workers, organized by social workers. Learning Objectives What is mindfulness Does...
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Rosita Mazzi, MSW and Anna Corsi, MSW

Introducing the Healing Power Of Play to Foster Children In Residential Care

Description The authors propose that offering play therapy to children in residential foster care provides a rare connection to self and peers.  Within this population, the normal progression of bonding...
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Kaitlyn Abadia, LCSW
Heidi Andeon, LCSW

Self Care and Boundary Setting (University of Southern California)

Description Self-care is emphasized as a cornerstone of maintaining a measure of health as a helping professional. Yet, the practice of self-care is often allusive. Self-care can be thought of,...
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Jessica Klein

Emotional Health

Description E-motions dictate nearly all of our everyday decisions, feeling states, and actions. As a society and culture, however, we often discourage one another from listening to and fully expressing...
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Joseph Johnston